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Well County fair is over hooray


Here is a picture of my awards.

Hells Yeah


Well after my computer went down I took a big break. Then I fixed it and went right back to it. I now have Mac OS X installed on my PC. I need a usb keyboard because it wont notice anything else. Pretty soon I'll put Linux on. Then I will have a tri-boot system. Enough of that, lately I have been doin more and more FFA stuff. Yesterday we went to OSU for a frat party..wait sorry I meant a livestock judging contest. We did ok, but things could have gone better. I'm still messin with a cool browser called Flock. I never have to log on to Flickr, I can just drag and drop and it automatically uploads the pictures. It does the same thing with blogs too. If you have an account with it will store all of your favorites on your account. All in all it's pretty cool. Squid came out with a new podcast..finnally. I think it has been about 3 and a half weeks since his last show, and he complained about me and the production time of my Podcast 3 should be up soon though, now that I have my PC back up and running. Oh yeah and I just realized that dtd(downthedrains) is Delta Tau Delta. Which is coincidentally some stupid frat that Drew Carrey was in. Pretty amazing what you can find out on google.

I'm out of luck


Well my computer is down. What a waste of 1200..damn that sucks. Well I packed it up and I think the computer teacher at my school will fix it. Im posting this from my Computer Graphics class on a dumb emac, at least it works. I'm gunna put some pictures of my computer getting packed up and some other pictures to my flickr soon. The podcast will not be out before the end of the week. It will be up soon though. I think there should be one up everyweek. Recently I have been listening to the DSC, Adam Curry's podcast. I listen to it everyday at school during computer graphics. As a matter of fact Im listening to it right now. Well I will be talking about that in the next podcast. He has come out with a developer's podcast and it is very awesome. Not to mention I am a registered developer with huh Hey the picture is of a guy on motion city soundtrack, and I want his hair. I think I'll grow it out next winter and do that.

See ya later

If you have any questions or comments or just want to talk my aim username is downthedrains

Or you can email me at

Hey well here is a podcast


I just posted podcast number 2. I think number 3 will be out before the end of the week....hopefully

the link for it is

i tested it and it worked hooray see ya later

Hey I have Flock


Now for my posting all I have to do is open flock, click new post, and there you go. It's alot easier and I never have to logon. Not to mention its's about 3 minutes faster because of the whole dial-up thing. Not to mention it just has an easier interface. Soon the blog will be moving to the website I keep my podcast on.( It will just make evrything easier...or if I can figure a way to link this page to my podcasts..hmmm Well I guess it will stay here bu if you want to check out the podcast then you should use that link. I got 2 lambs for FFA. There are pictures on my Flickr. The podcast is coming along. I went to school today with the camera and was going to take pictures however I forgot th ememory card at home. Dammit! Alas, another blog posting has been completed.

Whats up


Well here's to another trimester of school. This one is goig to be easy, well maybe I shouldn't speak to early.
Earth and Space Science
AP Freshmen English
--LUNCH--my favorite
Computer Grapics
Not to bad, but I shoud still have fun. I should get straight A's. I have alot of really cool teachers too. My computer is awesome, one of her favorite bads is the deceberists. One of my all time favorites. I just started taking a college class in Solidworks. For anyone that doesn't know solidworks is a 4 thousand dollar program that you design 3d objects...engines, valves, etc. That's pretty cool because it's taught by one of my mom's old teachers who I remember from a long time ago. I really don't have anything to say. Come back later when there's more.

What's up..I'll tell you


Well i have started a podcast. For all that don't know what that is it's like a radio show that you make and post on the web. I have only made one episode. Not to mention the fact that it totally awfull. You should probably wait till episode 2 to listen. I have also started a flickr. That's a page where you post all of your photos for people to browse. It's pretty cool becasue you can have friends and create groups. For instance everyone in a spinning guild, a 4-h club or just people who have the same camera as you so you can see what they are doing with that camera.

The link to my new blog/podcast site is
If you want to download a podcast it is on the left side of the page in the "media" category.

The link to my flickr is By the way the photos are free to download and print out so cool huh.

Talk to you later. Tell you mom I said hello Geana.

Well maybe i should do more knitting


I haven't knit in about 4 weeks now. I'm not quitting knitting but I guess I have just been taking a long break. I probably continue not to knit for awhile but yet to swim for a while longer. I got a new llama, his name is Carbon. He's pretty cool, He is black/grey and he is a mini llama. I have been really busy with school lately. I plan on gettingmore into knitted clothing design. Check in a couple of days for another post. If you have any design ideas related to anything like Diesel email it to me please.

School School SCHOOL!


Ok a little busy at school had some spare time during lunch... right now
umm Flock and Fiber is now over. The next show is regionals. I qualified in pack class but i don't know if i shall go.
Ok. 1 fiber arts champion ribbon, best youth spun under 16,3 first places and in llamas 6th in shomanship,
6th in public relations and a 2nd in pack. Well time to go to geometry. Umm if geana reads this tell micheal hello for
me and put in get well soon. I can chack email at school so I will check it everyday.

I am really mad


I wanted to get the website name but... they would not let me get that. so.. I need suggestions for what i should do. is taken.

The conclusion of Beck


Well the Beck concert was great. Beck was the only good part of the concert. The openers were awful. Le Tigre was one opener. The band was completely feminist. Other than that their music was great. Beck was awesome though. He played more than just what was on his Guero cd. All in all the concert was a great concert. Oh more good news soon i will have a yarn brochure/catalog. Email me at Not to mention business cards. You will be able to buy yarn directly from me. I believe that I am going to be teaching a teen knitting class. I think that portland really needs a knitting blog, so I am going to bring it. Spread the idea of knitting and fiber arts through out Portland.

I get to go to a Beck concert


I am lucky enough to be able to go to a Beck concert. Unfortunately the people I am with are newbies to Beck. And they have never heard of the song Loser by Beck. I am still very excited. I will tell more about it when i get

Well here it is


Every one says start a blog okay i will. My blog will bring you through my spinning and knitting life. Email me at

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